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Tasting Notes
Sara brought her chocolate-covered potato chips last night from NorthFork/SD, so we had this dessert red: 1. Pierrots Vino da Uve Stramature (70% PetiteRouge/30% Fumin; 16%) Feudo di SanMarizio/Sarre/Val d'Aosta NV: Very dark/black color; very intens
General Wine Discussion
Jump to new posts Yep... by Sean_Devaney @ Today at 06:34

Tried it a couple of weeks ago at a trade tasting put on by their local broker. No formal notes but pretty freaking good. Was told it will only be available to restaurant accounts.
Tasting Notes
Wow, this was a trip down memory lane! I lived in Citrus Heights 1980-84, about 5 blocks from Corti Brothers. Really intuitive and intellectual wine selection, plus amazing Italian specialty foods. My wife grew up in Rome, so we were regular shopp
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: North and South American Wines by Bill Spohn @ Yesterday at 11:52

A theme with a bit of scope North and South America. Roederer Estate Brut Anderson Valley (nv) little nose at first as probably presented too cold, eventually developed some yeastiness. Good acidity, mousse perhaps a bit lacking. Decent. 1982 B
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: Two Whites @ Dinner...(short/boring) by TomHill @ Yesterday at 08:05

Had these two whites w/ dinner last night: 1. Jana DryRiesling Mendocino (9.5%; NelsonFamilyVnyd; www.scottharveywines.com) 2016: Med.yellow color w/ some small bubbles; lovely very Germaniac R/floral/mango quite flinty/steely some Mosel valve oil/
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: Idlewild SundaySchool/Sudtirol...(short/boring) by TomHill @ 09-17-2019 12:22:49

I attended the recent Idlewild SundaySchool focusing on wines of Italy's Sudtirol: 1. Pojer e Sandri MullerThurgau 2017: Light gold color; quite fragrant/perfumed bit earthy/M-T/floral lightly spicy quite attractive nose; quite tart/tangy slightly so
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: Two Reds @ Dinner...(short/boring) by TomHill @ 09-17-2019 09:06:20

Tried these two reds at dinner last night: 1. Venturini Baldini Montelocco IGP: Lambrusco Emilia (11.5%; Organic grapes; MassanoisImprts/NY; www.VenturiniBaldini.It) Quattro Castella NV: Fairly dark color w/ lots of fizzy bubbles; very strong floral/
General Wine Discussion
Jump to new posts Sad News @ Harrington Wnry by TomHill @ 09-17-2019 08:10:49

When I was at dinner w/ BryanHarrington in the Bay area a few weeks ago, he revealed that he is shutting down Harrington wines. This is some of the saddest wine biz news I've heard in some time. Bryan has always operated on the ragged edges of pr
Jump to new posts TN: Prunotto Barolo Cannubi 1995 by fraser @ 09-17-2019 04:52:01

Prunotto Barolo Cannubi 1995 Imported by Winebow / 13% There was some question as to whether Beppe Colla (Podera Colla) made this wine for Antinori after they bought Prunotto from him. I'd heard he stayed on for a few vintages. If he made this wi
Tasting Notes
Drinking well, I see! I've had the pleasure of Backus only twice and both at the MacArthur's Barrel Tastings; probably mid-oughts. Truly a Napa Cab of character.
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: Two Whites w/ DinDin...(short/boring) by TomHill @ 09-16-2019 12:31:58

Tried these two whites last night w/ my huge plate of tomatoes/buratta and (of course) guanciale: 1. Dom.Gallety Vallee du Rhone CuveeSpeciale AC: Cotes du Vivarais (50% GrenacheBlanc/30% Marsanne/20% Roussanne; oak barrel aged for 24 months; MeBaD;
Tasting Notes
When I arrived for my last trip to the Bay area (8/29/19), as we usually do, a bunch of us got together for dinner: 1. Failla Viognier AlbanVnyd/EdnaVlly (14.7%) 2010: Med.gold color; bit nutty/oldViog some remaining pear/Viog some pencilly/oak somew
Tasting Notes
Came in my last Prima IlConsorzia shipment, so tried Fri night: 1. Foxen CheninBlanc OldVines/ErnestoWickendenVnyd/SantaMariaVlly (13.7%; www.FoxenVineyard.com) BillWathen/DickDore/Rancho Tinaquaic 2016: Light gold color; strong CB/pear/bit grapefrui
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: More Bottom Feeding @ TotalWine...(short/boring) by TomHill @ 09-15-2019 10:51:33

Tried these three bottom-feeders from TotalWine last night: 1. Frosting Buttercream Chard Calif VintnersReserve (13.5%; VintnersReserve:"receives an extra layer of frosting") V&B by ButtercreamWnry/AmericanCanyon 2016: Med.dark gold color; strong but
Tasting Notes
2016 Kelley Fox Pinot Noir Maresh Vineyard Star-of-Bethlehem Flower Block Dundee Hills Translucent bright cherry red in color. A pretty nose of strawberries and violets. Clear vibrant strawberry fruit on the palate. The fruit gets deeper with mor
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: 2005 Marc Chauvet Champagne Special Club by Charlie Chadwick @ 09-14-2019 07:49:32

2005 Marc Chauvet Champagne Special Club A nose that is like a fresh baked apple tart, just lovely. The palate shows rich and vibrant fruit, Golden Delicious apples, pears, a hint of yeastiness. Not an excessive bead, but that's OK. Brisk acidity,
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: Castelli CabSauv '12...(short/boring) by TomHill @ 09-13-2019 17:20:44

Tried this wine (amongst others) at EmilioCastelli's last Sat night: 1. Castelli CabernetSauvignon GreenVlly of RRV/SonomaCnty (14.1%) 2012: Med.dark color; quite herbal/CS/very Bdx-like slight earthy/loamy light toasty/oak beautiful nose; rather tar
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: Four @ Darrell's...(short/boring) by TomHill @ 09-13-2019 16:52:00

Had a dinner invite from DarrellCorti and we tried these wines: 1. Cruess fiano RRV (13.2%) 2017: Pale color; rather fragrant Fiano/floral/carnations bit stony/mineral quite attractive nose; lightly tart rather quiet floral/Fiano/carnations/white flo
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: Nils Trousseau LateHrvst '15...(short/boring) by TomHill @ 09-13-2019 15:20:31

Served this last night for dessert at BacchusBadBoys: 1. Nils Trousseau LateHrvst RRV/SonomaCnty (SaH: 40.0 Brix; RS: 6.0 gm/100 ml; 16.6%; www.SaddlebackCellars.com) SaddlebackCllrs/Oakville 2015: Very dark/black color; slight alcoholic/Port-like in
Tasting Notes
Yes,those are lovely - year and in and year out. And they age well too.
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: 2009 Navarro Pinot Noir Deep End Blend Anderson Valley by Charlie Chadwick @ 09-12-2019 16:57:43

2009 Navarro Pinot Noir Deep End Blend Anderson Valley Deep red at the core with slight fading at the rim. Deep, red fruited nose. Lush fruit, cranberries and cherries on the palate, bit of pepper. Sweet, polished tannins, nice acidity, excellent
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: 2007 Luciano Sandrone Barolo Le Vigne by Charlie Chadwick @ 09-12-2019 16:50:05

2007 Luciano Sandrone Barolo Le Vigne A deep nose of black cherries. That contrasts with the bright cherry on the palate, warm spice and tobacco notes. Dusty tannins, nice acidity, lovely balance. The wine becomes more expressive with time in the
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