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Tasting Notes
The new '19 vintage showed up at WholeFoods so tried: 1. MonteRustico DOC: Langhe Bianco Dogliani (13%; 90% Arneis/10% SauvBlanc; PacificHwyWines&Spirits/AmericanCanyon) G.D.Vajra 2019: Med.light gold color; very fragrant floral/Arneis/gardenias/carn
Tasting Notes
Tried these two over the last few days: 1. Radio-Coteau Zin vonWeidlichVnyd/RRV (15.2%; 272 cs; U/U) Sebastapol 2007: Dark color w/ some bricking; rather pencilly/cedary/cigar box/old Zin/bit tired some dusty/OV some blackberry/boysenberry/Zin/spicy
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: Two Forlorn-Hope Whites...(short/boring) by TomHill @ 09-15-2020 14:16:50

Had these two over the last few days: 1. Forlorn-Hope Verdelho Rhu RorickHeritageVnyd/CalaverasCnty/SierraFoothills (13.60%) 2017: Med.dark gold color; strong herbal/Verdelho/bit floral very slight resiny/skin-contact slight earthy bit undistinguishe
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: Four Carlisle Syrahs '07....(short/boring) by TomHill @ 09-15-2020 07:32:20

Had these 4 over the last few days: 1. Carlisle Syrah PelkanRanch/Knight'sVlly (14.9%; 260 cs) 2007: Very dark color w/ slight bricking; strong blackberry/Syrah/boysenberry/ripe light toasty/pencilly/Fr.oak/smokey some peppery/spicy somewhat complex
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: Three More Carlisle '07's....(short/boring) by TomHill @ 09-14-2020 11:28:45

Tried these thre Carlisles over the last week: 1. Carlisle TwoAcres RRV RW (13.7%; Mourv/PS/Syrah/Carignane/AlicanteBouchet; Plntd: 1910; 295 cs) 2007: Drk color w/ some bricking; strong fragrant plummy/earthy/blackberry/black cherry cola some toasty
Tasting Notes
Had these three over the last few days: 1. Carlisle PetiteSirah DryCreekVlly (14.8%; 85 cs) 2007: Black color w/ some bricking; strong blackberry/PS slight earthy/peppery some toasty/oak fairly classic clunky/oafish/PS nose; soft bit hot/alcoholic st
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: Alsace GWT/Languedoc Rose...(short/boring) by TomHill @ 09-12-2020 14:57:42

Tried these two last night: 1. Haut Vol Vin de France Rose (12.5%; www.ScopertaImports.com; Grenache/Carignan) Vignobles Foncalieu/Arzens/Languedoc 2019: Pale copper/salmon color; pleasant strawberry/cranberry/watermelon lightly spicy rather pretty n
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: Two Old Forlorn-Hopes...(short/boring) by TomHill @ 09-12-2020 12:51:53

Tried these two last night: 1. Forlorn-Hope Nacre Semillon YountMillVnyd/Yountville (11%; 77 cs) Calistoga 2008: Deep yellow color; strong figgy/fig newton/graham cracker/Semillon rather nutty/bit oxidative slight herbal/boiled peanuts rather interes
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: 2006 Sea Smoke Pinot Noir "Botella" by Charlie Chadwick @ 09-12-2020 10:37:24

2006 Sea Smoke Pinot Noir "Botella" Bright red in color with the slightest fading at the edges. A lovely, fragrant cherry liqueur nose. On the palate the fruit is intense and focused, black cherries, strawberry. Round, polished tannins, nice acidity
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: Bernard Baudry Chinon Les Grezeaux 1995 by fraser @ 09-12-2020 08:30:23

Bernard Baudry Chinon Les Grezeaux 1995 12.5% Imported by Pivotal, CA This was very smooth, savory, correct, classic and was gone very quickly. This was resolved and mature - will last for many years but I don't think it will improve. Very nice wit
General Wine Discussion
Jump to new posts Yup... by TomHill @ 09-11-2020 16:18:01

Yup, Rod.... that first one is the one I recall. But don't remember who Michael was. Toy
General Wine Discussion
Jump to new posts The original posts from 9/11/2001 by R. Schiffman @ 09-11-2020 14:51:14

Here's a complete list of all the threads from 9/11 in the order they were created. The second thread "Plane Crashes into World Trade Center" is the core of the event. The last one "New Yorkers and DCers" is the callout for everyo
Tasting Notes
FWIW, I have had the same problem with a number of mine. Still have a handful left and consider them mostly undrinkable. I open them when I feel like slumming. LOL. Even my Colloquy wines which I know were oxidized during bottling, show a LOT bette
General Wine Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Remembering 9/11... by R. Schiffman @ 09-11-2020 12:50:57

Unfortunately, most posts on 9/11 are posted by anonymous. They were imported into the current forum software from previous software that did not require being logged in. The transfer didn't bring across the text version of the name. Brad Trent poste
General Wine Discussion
Jump to new posts Remembering 9/11... by TomHill @ 09-11-2020 10:25:58

I was into work early and was checking out the wine boards, either alt.food.wine or WestCoastWineNetwork. Don't remember which one. A member who was a financial type with an office high up on WallStreet . Don't remember his name anymore. He posted "H
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