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Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: Saint Siffrein Chateauneuf du Pape 2012 by fraser @ Today at 10:50

Saint Siffrein Chateauneuf du Pape 2012 14.5% Imported by Free Run This struggled to reach the heights of an average Cotes du Rhone. To me, on the lower step of CNP. Another poor CNP purchase from Garagiste. I've been on a roll to get rid of all th
Tasting Notes
Jean Royer Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Tradition 2012 15.5% Imported by Free Run, WA This is clearly better than the 2011 I had recently. It has its moments of goodness where it begins to resemble its classification (resolved blueberries - some nice s
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts Re: TN: 2012 Brick House "Les Dijonnais" (Ribbon Ridge) by Charlie Chadwick @ Yesterday at 18:09

Thanks for the note. I have three bottles of these in the cellar I've been waiting on. I'll have to pull one out soon to try. Charlie
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: Two Ridge & A Bedrock Zins......(short/boring) by TomHill @ 03-02-2021 11:37:46

Had these for dinner last night: 1. Ridge Zin BuchagnaniRanch/SonomaCnty (96% Zin/4% Carignane; 15.1%; 44 brls; bttld Dec 06; Drk: 10/06-10/12-10/13: JO) 2005: Med.light rather bricked/brown color; strong pencilly/cedary/oldZin/tired very slight rasp
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts Yup... by TomHill @ 03-02-2021 10:59:14

Yup, Bill.....sounds about where I would expect it to be. Surprised it was better than the BienNacido '97. RollRanch is much warmer and would not expect it to age quite as well. But those Ojai Syrahs make great old bones. Tom
Tasting Notes
Delving deeper into my Ridge ATP shipment, I tried last night, w/ very low expectations: 1. Ridge Carignane BuchignaniRanch/HillsideOldVine/AlexVlly/SonomaCnty (13.8%; 60 brls; bttld 12/20; Drk: 10/20-10/26: JO) 2019: Very dark/near black color; very
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts Re: Harumph.. by Charlie Chadwick @ 03-01-2021 12:30:22

Originally Posted By: TomHill Harumph, Charlie...real wine connoisseurs don't...sniff/sniff...drink PinotGrigio!! Not had this '19, but previous vintages have been quite delicious & refreshing. Tom Well, no one has ever accused me of being a conn
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts Re: TN: 2004 Clarendon Hills Astralis by Charlie Chadwick @ 03-01-2021 09:26:05

James, I bought this on release and my records back then (2006) are sketchy. I recall it was around $200-$225/bottle release price. A few years later I managed to get the 2008 for $150, but that was a special deal. Charlie
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: A White & An Orange...(short/boring) by TomHill @ 02-28-2021 14:19:53

Tried these two new wines last night: 1. Durin Vermentino Dd'OC: Riviera Ligure di Ponente (13%; NorthBerkleyImprts; www.Durin.It) AntonioBasso/Ortovero 2019: Light gold color; very fragrant Verm/floral/gardenias light chalky/perfumed talc slight spi
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: 2014 Wrath Pinot Noir KW Ranch Santa Lucia Highlands by Charlie Chadwick @ 02-28-2021 07:28:41

2014 Wrath Pinot Noir KW Ranch Santa Lucia Highlands Last bottle was 20 months ago and this remains a lovely bottle of Pinot. Deep, complex nose, raspberry, pepper. Rich fruit on the palate, cherry, strawberry, raspberry. Smooth tannins, excellent a
Tasting Notes
2018 Paul Launois Champagne Grand Cru Monochrome Mesnil-sur-Oger Blanc de Blancs. The palate has a candied lemon quality with light notes of freshly baked brioche. Lovely, rich texture. Very fine bead. Perfectly balanced acidity. Finishes long and
Tasting Notes
Tasted this last night as my white: 1. Solminer GrunerVeltliner Curarse La Cruda Skin-Frmtd deLandaVnyd/LosOlivosDist (11.6%; #910 of 2626 btls) 2019: Med.dark gold color quite murky/cloudy; somewhat resiny/phenolic/ViniMacerati/cidery some GV/floral
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: Ridge Zin WildCattleCreek '18....(short/boring) by TomHill @ 02-27-2021 10:02:24

My Ridge ATP arrived ystrday, so I cracked: 1. Ridge Zin WildCattleCreek/DryCreekVlly/SonomaCnty (85% Zin/10% Carignane/5% PetiteSirah; 14.7%; 20 brls; bttld April 2020; Drk: 3/20-3/25-3/26: JO; tartaric acid) 2018: Fairly dark color; strong vanilla/
Tasting Notes
Taking one for the team, I cracked last night: 1. Forlorn-Hope Ost-Intrigen St.Laurent RicciVnyd/Carneros (11.06; 142 cs) Murphys 2014: Med.dark color w/ light bricking; strong earthy/loamy/compost pile/forest floor light pencilly/oak some plummy/Pin
Tasting Notes
Jump to new posts TN: A White & A Red for DinDin...(short/boring) by TomHill @ 02-26-2021 13:46:25

We had these two last night for dinner: 1. Cantina Tramin Kellerei GWT DOC: Sudtirol-AltoAdige WW (14.5%; L20/055; www.CantinaTramin.It; WineBowImprts) Termeno/Bolzano 2019: Med.dark gold color; low-key/fragrant lychee/GWT/floral/pear pleasant enough
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