Sorry about that

Posted by: Brad Harrington

Sorry about that - 05-23-2022 16:03:44

That down time was due to a dns WhoIs verification that I never saw. I keep my eyes out for them, they are very clear in the header that it is an important message you need to read.

Despite my telling gmail time and again that this is NOT spam, it tagged it as spam and I never saw it. Doh!!

I need to figure out if there is someway to tell gmail that any mail from my name provider is NEVER spam. For some reason, it thinks that something that is marked as not spam can become spam later.

Posted by: Charlie Chadwick

Re: Sorry about that - 05-23-2022 18:56:44

Remember, the internet will get you one way or another! And thanks for keeping this site up and running!

Posted by: BEB

Re: Sorry about that - 09-02-2022 14:18:30

Ditto what Charlie said. Thanks for keeping this site up. It's still my home page and I still read. I'm sorry that I just don't have the time to post as I would like.