Carton Brewing Sit Down Son Dry-Hopped Session Lager

Posted by: Marc Hanes

Carton Brewing Sit Down Son Dry-Hopped Session Lager - 09-16-2018 08:38:57

Carton Brewing Company
Sit Down Son Dry-Hopped Session Lager
American Pale Lager
New Jersey
16oz, 4-Pack
Modest finger's worth of bright white foam, too airy to last very long, in turn the lacing is negligible at best. Light and transparent golden hay color, very good shine and there's more bubbles visible than you'd expect. Fresh nose of corn, hay, oyster crackers, and pressed flowers, the fruit on the main is pear, apple to melon, sort of "green" fruits, general persistence is average. Medium-bodied broadly construed but it has a certain thickness to it which impedes its freshness. Mild touch of lemon to orange citrus to balance out the drier cracker to bread crust notes, nothing really sour though. Honeyed with some milder Indian spices. Carbonation presents itself as a broad tickling of the tongue. Pear, apricot, peach fruit of middling intensity, a bit player. Towards the end becomes more floral with stronger grassiness as well. Competently put together but by the end of the can leaves one a bit bored and without much to say.
2 out of 5