Chatham Brewing Pineapple Bombogenesis Double IPA

Posted by: Marc Hanes

Chatham Brewing Pineapple Bombogenesis Double IPA - 06-16-2019 15:26:29

Chatham Brewing
Pineapple Bombogenesis Double IPA (Brewed With Simcoe, Mosaic, And Citra Hops With Pure Pineapple Puree)
American Double/Imperial IPA
New York
16oz, 4-Pack
Average head, close to two inches, just off-white in color, uneven surface with good retention, produces long streaks of lacing but lacks stickiness. The dark gold to bronze color has a mild haziness to it, translucent, solid streams of bubbles in three or four places. Quite grassy and herbaceous nose, drying presence in the nostrils, peppery, pretzel dough, dried pine sap, cigar ash, enduring white grapefruit pith note, the pineapple scents come to the fore but not dominating, room for some peach and guava. Full-bodied, close to completely the opposite of the nose, thick and sappy with layers of pineapple which cloak the underlying dankness. The citrus veers towards pink grapefruit and lime, sweeter without getting sugary. Slight doughiness at the end helps it soften and soak in further. Blends in pine sap, flower petals, and sweet tea leaf, starts to get tarry but too sweet overall. Carbonation is creamy and on the weak side. Its sheer thickness slows the pace of consumption down mightily. Enjoyable if you just let it have its way with you. If there's such a thing as a "dessert IPA" this would be in the ballpark, would go great with a pound cake or sponge cake type of dessert.
4 out of 5