Portland, OR (and vicinity)

Posted by: MarcStubblefield

Portland, OR (and vicinity) - 06-14-2011 19:18:24

Hey folks,

We'll be dragging our 15 month old out to the West Coast for a little extended-family vacation in Portland at the end of the month. Hopefully we'll get a day of winery visits in while the grandparents keep her entertained!

I found this thread which has some good leads, but any other advice about good eating, good drinking, good times in general would be appreciated.

Posted by: jimmie wellman

Re: Portland, OR (and vicinity) - 06-14-2011 19:51:45

Not from Portland, but visit there regularly. Can't comment on wineries because I haven't done any in the area for several years. Restaurants I like include Pok Pok, Toro Bravo, Tabla, Paley's Place, Laurelhurst Market, and Cafe Castagna, although I'm not sure about taking a 15 month old to any of those places; also to consider: some don't take reservations. Podnah's has good 'cue and Nostrana has decent Italian but their service is spotty. There are also some micro breweries that may interest you. For bread & baked goods I like Ken's Artisan Bakery;
St. Honore is good too, but I like Ken's better.

For something different, Powell's Books is a huge store and worth checking out.
Posted by: MarcStubblefield

Re: Portland, OR (and vicinity) - 06-15-2011 18:09:39


Thanks for the info. I'm hopeful that any of the interesting dining we do will be sans-kid (thank you grandparents!).

I'll let you know where we end up!

Posted by: Roland Dumas

Re: Portland, OR (and vicinity) - 06-16-2011 05:42:33

Little Bird restaurant
Posted by: Brad Harrington

Re: Portland, OR (and vicinity) - 06-20-2011 07:45:33

If you are a beer fan, check out Deshutes Brewery. Awesome brewery, try their Abyss and Black Butte.

Posted by: MarcStubblefield

Re: Portland, OR (and vicinity) - 06-20-2011 21:10:29

Thanks Brad and Roland. Will keep my eye out for both!

Posted by: Marshall Manning

Re: Portland, OR (and vicinity) - 06-21-2011 14:16:49


I hope this isn't too late. There are lots of interesting places to eat in Portland. Some of my favorites include Beaker & Flask, Le Pigeon, Little Bird, Kin, Tabla, Toro Bravo, Paley's Place, Laurelhurst Market, and Serratto.

As far as wineries, I'd try to make appointments with some smaller producers like Belle Pente or Cameron if you have the time and advance notice. If not, there are a number of wineries that keep regular tasting hours now along Highway 99 in Dundee, but traffic can get pretty bad on weekends.

If you'd like more specifics or have time to meet up for a glass of wine, email me.
Posted by: M DiSalvo

Re: Portland, OR (and vicinity) - 06-22-2011 17:49:25

I was out there in November and had a great meal at the Blue Hour in the Pearl District. Fun, chic, upscale type of place.

Also, enjoyed the Ponzi Wine Bar and a restaurant/hotel (name escapes me) across from Argyle where the bartender recommended the Cameron Pinot Noir 2008 which is delicious and not available in Ohio. Also, had at that place for the first time a pinot port that was awesome.

Had the Cameron 2008 at Mesa Grill in NYC with some quail that was very tasty. Love the Cameron.
Posted by: MarcStubblefield

Re: Portland, OR (and vicinity) - 06-22-2011 18:39:09

Not too late, and thanks to you both for more recommendations!

Marshall, I would love to connect for a glass of wine, though it seems unlikely on this trip - too few days and too much extended family. Next time!

We're looking forward to heading out that way on Friday!

Posted by: MarcStubblefield

Re: Portland, OR (and vicinity) - 07-08-2011 01:57:10

We're back, and we had a great time exploring the city, with daughter and gaggle of family in tow. A great dinner at Serrato, too many sour beers at Cascade Brewing, more beer at Upright, donuts from Voodoo, and, well, the Friday market under the Burnside bridge. Too much more to mention.

As for wine, we did manage to let the grandparents have a *whole day* alone with their grandaughter, and headed out to the Willamette. A snotty and disinterested experience at Adelsheim, an excellent and engaging one at Bergstrom just up the road, and a discovery of a newer winery just a bit north of those two, Coline Clemens, which while only on their third vintake is already making wines of restraint and distinction. We ducked down to Carlton for delicious, if slow, sandwiches at the filling station, and a couple flights of overly manipulated wine at the Carlton winery cooperative.

If there was a downside, it was that the weekend coincided with Oregon Pinot Camp, and mutually constrained schedules meant that we couldn't work out appointments at any of our appt. only places.

All in all, a wonderful trip - thanks for all the suggestions! Hopefully there will be another visit to dig into more that the city has to offer.

Posted by: R. Schiffman

Re: Portland, OR (and vicinity) - 07-08-2011 03:00:15

"A snotty and disinterested experience at Adelsheim"

Yea, that's my experience too.