Italy in October, Piemonte recs? (X-Post)

Posted by: MarcStubblefield

Italy in October, Piemonte recs? (X-Post) - 07-18-2011 19:34:30

So I've convinced my parents to come stay in our house (with our 1 1/2 year old daughter) so my wife and I can take a many years delayed trip to Italy. We'll be heading over mid-October for a week, and it looks like the Piedmont is our destination. I've looked through some past posts and found some useful info, but mostly several years old at this point.

We're thinking agroturismo, preferably with some evening meals included (or available). Hands on cooking a plus.

I've not been to Italy since my eruorail-pass/hostel days, so any advice on places to stay, car rental, things not to miss, setting appointments at wineries (though it's likely harvest, so we realize it may be tough), and places to eat would be much appreciated. I should note that I speak a little Spanish, but no Italian (I'll attempt to get some between now and then, but...), and my wife might remember a few words in French...

We've been plowing through guidebooks and online, but first hand recommendations always seem to work out better.