Valpolicella Recs...

Posted by: Andrew Rice

Valpolicella Recs... - 06-24-2014 17:25:41

Greetings all,

My wife and I are planning a trip to northern Italy in September and I was hoping somebody might have some experience with wineries or restaurants in Valpolicella. We will be travelling with a large group and would appreciate any insight anybody could offer.

Many thanks,

Andrew Rice
Posted by: JFO

Re: Valpolicella Recs... - 07-06-2014 04:29:40

Go to Verona. First of all, it's gorgeous. Second of all, just off the Piazza Bra, which is the largest Piazza in the city where the Arena is, there is a restaurant called Enoteca Cangrande.

It's AWESOME. Easily among the best meals I've had in Italy. Was just there last week and the food is phenomenal, the prices cheap, and the wine list incredible. The owner pays close attention to the wine service, etc... Had a 1999 Falesco Montiano for $40 Euro.

If this isn't enough, Rick Steves has written the place up many times before.

Go, just go.
Posted by: JFO

Re: Valpolicella Recs... - 07-06-2014 04:30:39

Beyond my suggestion below, I'd go here and pick the brains of these folks. They have a wealth of knowledge.

Just navigate to the Italian forum.