Porchetta part duex

Posted by: Bryan Briscoe

Porchetta part duex - 05-28-2014 06:02:38

So I had one all lined up for this weekend when my brother in law showed up with some just caught striped bass which, of course, changed everything. Wrapped the pig up and didn't get to it till 2 days later. Was exponentially better; the herb mixture had really permeated the meat and the loin, which had been brined and had already rested for a day, was like butter. Had the most amazing texture. Might shoot for a 4 day rest next time...

Posted by: Paully

Re: Porchetta part duex - 05-28-2014 14:15:32


You have any pictures?
Posted by: Bryan Briscoe

Re: Porchetta part duex - 05-29-2014 08:21:34

No, didn't take any. It wasn't particularly appealing looking. The butcher generously offered to butterfly the pork belly and completely mutilated it(the two times I made it previously I cut it into 5 pieces and then cut through the skin on each, butterflied it, and then pounded them to more or less uniform thickness. I'm still not quite sire what this guy was thinking when he did mine. Had to piece it together like some kind of plastic surgery gone horribly wrong). Next time I'll take some pics.