Food for the Fourth!

Posted by: BEB

Food for the Fourth! - 07-03-2014 06:38:54

What's on the menu for the Fourth of July everyone? For us, we plan a light picnic with some pickled shrimp and then dive into a cheese platter with some Vermentino. Later in the weekend, we'll smoke some pork ribs and open up some Zin.
Posted by: Bryan Briscoe

Re: Food for the Fourth! - 07-07-2014 12:33:31

Lots of BBQ and high octane zins. My wifes family are huge Mazzocco fans and those bad boys are all in the 15% + range. The Mazzocco migraine is what we call the next mornings affliction. In full on recovery mode today. Did make a nice fresh green bean salad. Cook in boiling salted water then shock in an ice bath and dress with truffle oil, lemon, S&P, and some lemon basil.

Posted by: BEB

Re: Food for the Fourth! - 07-07-2014 14:02:07

Originally Posted By: Bryan Briscoe
"Mazzocco migraine"
That's funny! I know the feeling. The Late Picked Ridge at 14.8% gave me a York Creek Yowler. Of course, the flowing bottles of rosť probably didn't help either.
Thanks for the green bean salad suggestion. Sounds great.
Posted by: Jim Harris

Re: Food for the Fourth! - 07-09-2014 11:21:59

Went over to a friend's house where they served us grilled ribeyes, garlic mashed spuds, a lovely baby greens salad, mac & cheese. A couple Turnbull Cabs were cracked, a 2009 and a 2010, a magnum of Silver Oak Alexander Valley, 2008. Before those we had a myriad of cheeses with a 2008 Morlet La Proportion Doree, Sonoma County. Wine of the night for me!