Roasted Tomato Bruschetta

Posted by: Bryan Briscoe

Roasted Tomato Bruschetta - 08-26-2014 13:19:37

Pre heat oven to 350. On 1/2 of a large baking sheet lay several thin slices of pancetta. On the other 1/2 place as many cherry tomatoes as you can. Drizzle tomatoes with olive oil and salt and pepper. Roast for 25 minutes till pancetta is crisp and tomatoes are just about ready to split. Drain pancetta on a paper towel and roll tomatoes to coat with rendered fat. Place tomatoes in bowl with copious amounts of chopped basil(and/or chopped parsley), a squeeze of lemon, maybe a drizzle of good olive oil, perhaps a little salt and pepper if needed, and top with crumbled pancetta. Serve with garlic rubbed grilled sourdough toast. Yea summer!

Bon Apetit!
Posted by: Mel Hill

Re: Roasted Tomato Bruschetta - 08-29-2014 16:03:45

that sounds really good!
must try
Posted by: Brad Harrington

Re: Roasted Tomato Bruschetta - 09-10-2014 14:48:39

thinking the same thing, sounds easy too.