Clams and Pork Belly

Posted by: Bryan Briscoe

Clams and Pork Belly - 09-25-2014 12:45:01

From our End of Summer Feast. Brine a slab of pork belly overnight(any brine recipe will do). Next day score the skin side of the belly and braise, tightly covered, in a 325 degree oven, with enough chicken stock to come up to the side of the belly, for about 2 hours till just about fork tender. Remove from oven and pat dry. Cut off a decent size hunk to cut into cubes and cook in pot that clams are going to be steamed in till fat is rendered. Add any aromatics you want(garlic, onion, red pepper, lemon grass) and sauté till soft. Take remaining pork belly and cut into long slabs and slightly oil. Grill over medium heat till they have a nice char. Steam clams in beer/wine/pork fat broth till open. Remove clams and cook down remaining broth till slightly reduced and add salt and pepper as needed. Place clams on large platter with charred pork belly arranged on top and then pour reduced broth over the whole thing. Garnish with chopped tomato and basil/parsley and serve with copious amounts of crusty bread. Goodbye summer of 2014-we'll miss you.....

Posted by: jimmie wellman

Re: Clams and Pork Belly - 09-25-2014 13:11:38

I could definitely eat that!