Complete Showoff!

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Complete Showoff! - 07-06-2016 06:28:47

me... the proud dad

link here
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Re: Complete Showoff! - 07-06-2016 14:07:04

Cool link! Thanks.
Does he have any interest in competing on Top Chef or any other reality chef competition show?
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Re: Complete Showoff! - 07-06-2016 14:18:26

He just competed in Cochon555 in Denver

I think he was the youngest chef by far.... and did very very well. I went and felt he was tied for first for this qualifying regional event, but the other chef I also liked was more traditional to the pig roast theme and edged him out. I would have given it to Rob who was more creative but I understand why judges could be drawn to the traditional. See his menu here

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No show off. Just a proud dad!
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Re: Complete Showoff! - 08-24-2016 10:51:31

Thnx, Rob has decided to move east and is interviewing/staging in NYC as we type. Stay tuned!