2003 Dehlinger Chardonnay

Posted by: Andrew M c N e e s

2003 Dehlinger Chardonnay - 12-14-2008 18:23:13

I believe this is the only Chard Dehlinger makes? Unfined unfiltered noted on the label. Russian River also.

Somewhat muted nose, guess I should 1st note this was tried in a loud place with spicy food. For me, not the best place to try any wine.

Almost no entry or begenning to this wine. Weird. Lost all of it's baby fat or big fruit if it had any to begin with. Big creamy slate and wood. Great finish. Complex, soft, drinking in it's prime. Super texture with mature chardonnay flavors. Something I rarely ever get to taste. Really like this chard, 92 points
Posted by: Alan Rath

Re: 2003 Dehlinger Chardonnay - 12-15-2008 01:19:43

Andrew, I suspect the spicy food may have altered the perception of this wine for you, though it still sounds like it was enjoyable. Dehlinger Chards are not so much "big fruit" but they have pretty good concentration of flavors. I think 03 may have had a bit more oak on it then more recent vintages, my notes from the pickup open house that year do suggest oak.

FYI, there is once in a while a "Reserve" bottling, and in two vintages there has been a "See's Selection" which is one particularly clonal block (if I remember correctly).

Posted by: Andrew M c N e e s

Re: 2003 Dehlinger Chardonnay - 12-15-2008 04:37:09

Waited until the end of the meal and after the heat went away to enjoy my glass. Great bottle of Chard. Would drink up though. Could of used a zip of acidity.