TN: 1997 Ridge Geyserville

Posted by: Charlie Chadwick

TN: 1997 Ridge Geyserville - 05-13-2019 17:47:03

1997 Ridge Geyserville

Even at 22 years old this is a lovely wine. Notes of black cherries on the nose. The palate has soft fruit, cranberries and framboise with a bit of black pepper. Smooth, fully resolved tannins, nice acidity, good balance. A bit of a bite at the back of the palate. Long lingering finish of bright red fruits and spice. Probably better a few years ago, but still an elegant wine. A-

Posted by: Marc Hanes

Re: TN: 1997 Ridge Geyserville - 05-15-2019 17:37:43

Have one left, it's been in the "queue" for over a year now, gotta get on it...