TN: Harrington Riesling '14...(short/boring)

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TN: Harrington Riesling '14...(short/boring) - 07-02-2019 07:56:02

Tried this last night:
1. Harrington Riesling GrivaVnyd/ArroyoSeco (14.1%; 25-30 yr old vines) 2014: Med.light gold color; attractive R/floral/pineapple slight valve oil slight chalky nose; bit soft slightly off-dry (0.5% r.s.?) slight tangy/metallic/citric fairly rich/floral/R/pineapple/mango slight valve oil/petrol pleasant flavor; very long fairly rich/lush/off-dry strong R/floral/mango/pineapple slight tangy finish; an altogether pleasant R and somewhat interesting but a bit on the simple/tutti-fruit side. $25.00
A wee BloodyPulpit:
This was my take on this wine in Fall/2016:
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2. Harrington Riesling GrivaVnyd/ArroyoSeco (14.1%) 2014: Med.light gold color; strong pineapple/R/tutti-fruity/
floral/ripe slight earthy/valve oil lovely nose; lightly tart/metallic strong pineapple/tutti-fruity/floral/R
slight valve oil bit simple attractive flavor; long fairlly tart/tangy/metallic strong floral/R/pineapple/
tutti-fruity finish; a bit on the simple side (now) butquite a pleasant expression of Calif R. $25.00[/b]

I also had this at RibollaFest:
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2. Harrington Riesling GrivaVnyd/ArroyoSecco (14%; 25-30 yr old vines) 2014: Light yellow color; low-key/quiet
R/pineapple/floral somewhat earthy/chalky/mineral/perfumed talc quite interesting nose; fairly tart/steely
rather chalky/perfumed talc/mineral/stony light pineapple/floral/R flavor; very long some earthy/chalky/
perfumed talc/steely/metallic slight R/floral/mango finish; not your usual tutti-fruity Calif R; quite an
interesting R that should benefit greatly from 3-10 yrs of age.
2. Riesling: The GrivaVnyd ( about 337 acres, mostly planted to Chard, w/ 27 acres of Riesling.
Most of the grapes go to BernardusWnry. Bryan got an opportunity to buy some of the old-vine Riesling and couldn't
resist taking a foray into the world of Riesling. I was quite taken by this wine because it reminded me a lot
of FingerLake R, a bit of AltoAdige R. Age should make this a very interesting R.

I was expecting this R to be showing a bit more interest and evolution. It definitely had a bit of the Mosel valve oil/petrol character and reminded me most of some of the old Ventana Rieslings of Doug Meador. But the acidity doesn't seem to be there to make this into a truly compelling R with more age. But I could be wrong. I think this is the only R that Bryan has made.

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Re: TN: Harrington Riesling '14...(short/boring) - 07-02-2019 19:28:35

This is the only Riesling in my records that I have tasted from Bryan. Good wine but just that. My note from May 2016:

Fairly deep golden hue, flat overall, substantial amount of bubbles clinging to the glass sides, very solid to frozen looking. The nose has a spiciness to it which verges on smoky to toasty, otherwise lots of both green and yellow apples, pears and lighter apricot, has a thick floral musk to it as well, fresh ginger and a spoonful of honey. Full-bodied, the acidity has lower register oomph but lacks cut so it stays fleshy throughout. More ginger and cinnamon along with orange pulp and stream pebbles, not getting any metallic minerally accents. Apple, pear, melon, apricot and a hint of cherry rounds out the fruit flavors. Manages to end on a more savory note with sweet herbs and a mild grassiness. Quiet whisper of whipped cream takes it in another direction. Basic and dependent on the fruit to carry the day but nice enough.