TN: Gerbelle PetiteRouge Val d'Aosta '15...(short/boring)

Posted by: TomHill

TN: Gerbelle PetiteRouge Val d'Aosta '15...(short/boring) - 09-12-2019 07:46:44

Tried this last week in Napa:
1. DidierGerbelle PetiteRouge Dd'OP: Valle d'Aosta VignePlan (14%; T.ElentenyImports/NY) Aymavilles 2015: Very dark/near black color; very strong blackberry/boysenberry/bit licorice/herbal bit alcoholic/ripe slight earthy/dusty/loamy quite interesting nose; lightly tart/tangy/metallic rich/boysenberry/blackberry/PetiteRouge bit alcoholic fairly structured bit earthy/loamy flavor w/ ample tangy tannns; very long fairly tart/tangy/metallic strong ripe/boysenberry/blackberry/licorice some earthy/loamy/dusty finish w/ ample tannins; quite a good PetiteRouge that needs several yrs. $50.00 (Oenetria)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. One of my favorite restaurants is Oenetria in the town of Napa. Pretty basic Italian fare w/ outstanding pizzas. A terrific & interesting wine list. This would probably retail in the mid-$20's I expect.