TN: 2018 Brecon Albarino Central Coast

Posted by: Charlie Chadwick

TN: 2018 Brecon Albarino Central Coast - 10-14-2019 06:27:43

2018 Brecon Albarino Central Coast

Light floral nose. This wine becomes more classic Albarino as it warms and opens up. At first there are lemons and tropical fruits, some minerality. Then it becomes more minerally with that distinctive saline note of Albarino. Nice acidity, slightly viscous mouthfeel. Finishes with minerals and salinity. Paired well with crab cakes and drank well by itself. A-

Posted by: James Cross

Re: TN: 2018 Brecon Albarino Central Coast - 10-14-2019 11:28:39

I've had earlier versions of this wine. Not many albarinos from California. Artesa in Carneros makes a pretty one.

Brecon is the old Norman Winery, home to the "Monster" zin, and it was. Mr. Norman passed away and the new owners took over; forget the story, but they may be from Australia?? They have made some nice renovations to the winery and tasting room.

As a trivia item, Norm Benson (Dark Star) started working in the business as a cellar rat at Norman, then founded his own winery. These days his son Brian gets all the attention. He has a tasting room in Tin City south of Paso and got a nice writeup in the Spectator a while back.