TN: Two Matthiasson '12 Wines.....(short/boring)

Posted by: TomHill

TN: Two Matthiasson '12 Wines.....(short/boring) - 01-26-2020 11:28:57

Was in a Matthiasson mood last night, so cracked:
1. Matthiasson RibollaGialla MatthiassonVnyd/NapaVlly (12.8%; MatthiassobFamilyVnyds/Napa 2012: Deep gold/burnished bronze/bit browning color; strong phenolic/resiny/bit cidery slight oxidative some honeyed/orangey slight RG/white pepper quite complex nose; fairly tart some tannic/austere strong phenolic/resiny slightly bitter/astringent bit honeyed/orangey very slight RG/white pepper quite complex flavor w/ light astringent tannins; very long/lingering rather tart/austere/astringent fairly phenolic/resiny/skin-contact slight honeyed/orangey rather savory/saline/bit earthy rather complex finish; lots of skin-contact character and a very fascinating RG.
2. Matthiasson Refosco MatthiassonVnyd/NapaVlly (13.2%) 2012: Very dark color; beautiful very strong plummy/blackberry/Refosco bit licorice/spicy slight earthy/dusty/bit loamy/bit rustic light pencilly/oak classic Friuli Refoskrather rustic/complex nose; lightly tart very strong Refosk/blackberry/plummy/bit peppery/licorice some earthy/dusty/rustic/Friuli-like light pencilly/oak flavor w/ modest rough tannins; very long fairly tart strong blackberry/plummy/Refosc/bit black cherry/peppery some earthy/dusty/rustic some complex finish w/ some rough tannins; very much like a rustic Friuli Refosk w/ none of the fruit or polish you'd expect from a NapaVlly red; excellent example of a Calif Refosco w/ lots of Italiante character.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. These are, I believe, the first RG & Refosco from their Estate Vnyd.
The RG has lots of skin-contact character, but lots of other things going on in it as well. It reminded me quite a lot of an EdiSimcic RG or a Zidarich Vitovska. Like most skin-contact whites, it was a bit difficult to taste by itself, but when it warmed to room temperature and with food, the wine had a lot going on in it. One of the better skin-contact whites from Calif I can recall. I see no reason it won't go another 4-6 yrs, as well.
I was a bit surprised at how the Refosco has evolved and is starting to show a lot of Italianate/bit rustic character. Reminds me quite a lot of the Bulfon Refosco or some of the high-toned character of the SandiSkerk Terrano. Quite an interesting red that cries out for Italian food.