TN: Three DavidCoffaros '02....(short/boring)

Posted by: TomHill

TN: Three DavidCoffaros '02....(short/boring) - 09-06-2020 09:58:04

Cracked these three the other night looking for something good to drink. These were not them:
1. DavidCoffaro EstateCuvee Estate/DryCreekVlly RW (33% Zin/30% CS/27% Carignane/10% PetiteSirah; 750 cs; U/U; 13.9%) 2002: Med.light color w/ some browning; quite dried-out/tired some oxidized no fruit nose; soft quite dried-out no fruit old/dead/tired Zin flavor w/ little tannins; pretty dead & gone.
2. DavidCoffaro Zin EB/DCV (14.4%; 8% CS/6% Carignane/3% PS; 800 cs; U/U) 2002: Light color w/ some browning; slight raspberry/DCV Zin light toasty/oak bit pencilly/cedary rather dried-out/tired nose; tart/tangy/metallic slight raspberry/DCV Zin rather tired/dried-out flavor w/ light gentle tannins; not much fruit left & pretty tired but not oxidized/totally shot yet.
3. DavidCoffaro PetiteSirah Estate/DCV (13.8%; 20% Zin; 450 cs; U/U) 2002: Very dark color w// some bricking; fairly strong blackberry/PS/peppery some toasty/pencilly/oak bit tired/dried-out nose; soft rather tangy/metallic/dried-out light pencilly/oak bit hot/alcoholic/overripe bit peppery/PS flavor w/ light drying tannins; pretty tired & dried out but not totally dead yet; the best of a sorry lot.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I have, of course, followed DavidCoffaro from the very start. He used to offer a futures program in the late Summer afore harvest at ridiculously low prices. We used to buy quite a lot because of these great prices. I always found the wines quite attractive & well-made and great values.
When I removed the capsules, I noted they were closed w/ StuYaniger's (anybody remember him?) NeoCork, the foam/extruded plastic cork. There were initially a lot of enthusiasm for this closure. However, time & experience showed that this NeoCork was a failure and the wines oxidized fairly early.
Posted by: Charlie Chadwick

Re: TN: Three DavidCoffaros '02....(short/boring) - 09-06-2020 10:53:05


While I haven't bought from David in a while, I have liked the aging on a lot of his wines. However, you are right about the NeoCork wines -- they died early deaths. I think David has been all screwcap for a long time now and they seem to hold up well.

I never thought his zins aged well in any case. Pleasant to drink young and that was fine.