TN: Two Nights of DinDin Wines...(short/boring)

Posted by: TomHill

TN: Two Nights of DinDin Wines...(short/boring) - 09-16-2021 12:06:00

Tried these 4 wines over my last two dinners:
1. ArbeGarbe RRV WW (14%; 55% MalvasiaBianca w/ 24 hrs skin contact; 30% RibollaGialla/15% TocaiFriulano w/ 12 hrs skin contact; 55% Catie's Corner/Malvasia + 30% Tanya'sVnyd/RibollaGialla + 15% PaganiRanch OldVine TocaiFriulano) ArbeGarbe/St.Helena 2017: color; very fragrant fairly floral/gardenias/carnations bit muscatty/Malvasia light mineral/chalky slight spicy/cardamon lovely very perfumed nose; quite tart/tangy strong Malvasia/floral bit floral/gardenias/TocaiFriulano/spicy/cardamon slight mineral/chalky/metallic very perfumed flavor; very long/lingering spicy/floral/gardenias fairly Malvasia/muscatty bit mineral/chalky/perfumed talc bit tangy/metallic bit complex finish; has lost some of that blatant up-front Malvasia character & starting to develop a more nuanced Malvasia d'Istriania mineral character; should go another 2-5 yrs; quite a lovely perfumed white.
2. TroonVnyd Glou-Glou Grenache CowhornVnyd/ApplegateVlly/OR (Certified BioDynamic/Regenerative; 12.5%; 100% whole cluster; Carbonic Maceration in SS for 2 weeks; GrantsPass/OR 2020: Med.light bit cloudy color; very fragrant/perfumed quite CM/Bojo-like some strawberry/Grenache loads of grapey fruit very frivolous nose; quite tart/tangy very spicy/grapey/CM/Bojo-like some strawberry/Grenache bit earthy/dusty huge grapey/fruit flavor w/ light tangy tannins; long quite tart/tangy loads of grapey/CM/fruit some earthy/dusty finish w/ bit tangy tannins; loads of CM/grapey fruit; this is exactly what a Vin de Soif should be; not a wine to be contemplative over but one to just knock back w/ gusto; this is exactly what a CM red should be & much more character than most CM BojoNoveau. $23.00 (KK)
3. Forlorn-Hope TrouGrit TrousseauGris King-Andrews Vnyd/SuisunVlly (10.83; 27 cs) MatthewRorickWines/Fairfield 2013: Med.dark gold/burnished bronze bit cloudy color; strong resiny/phenolic/ViniMacerati/skin contact slight honeyed/honey grahams/orangey fairly fragrant/floral/spicy/nutmeg/cinammon rather complex nose; fairly tart/tangy/steely/metallic fairly resiny/VM/phenolic somewhat lean/austere some honeyed/honeycomb/honey grahams very slight floral/spicy/cinammon some complex flavor w/ light tannic bite; very long rather orangey/honeycomb/honey grahams bit lean/metallic/austere fairly resiny/VM/phenolic quite tangy/metallic very slight floral/spicy some complex finish w/ slight tannic bite; showing some VM/mature character; not nearly as austere it was on release; quite an interesting mature VM that should go another 4-8 yrs; much better than the recent Wind-Gap version of this grape.
4. Wind Gap Syrah Castelli-Knight Ranch/RRV (14.9%; 345 cs; #3572) PaxMahle/Forestville 2007: Dark some browning color; bit oxidative/cedary/oldRed some blackberry/Syrah/peppery fairly toasty/oak some complex nose; rather tart/tangy/metallic rather cedary/oldRed/tired bit blackberry/Syrah/spicy/peppery fairly toasty/oak flavor w/ some tired/drying tannins; long rather tired/cedary/pencilly/oldRed bit blackberry/Syrah/peppery some tannic/metallic finish w/ light astringent tannins; still some interesting aged Syrah character therein but pretty much tired/gone/shot.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. ArbeGarbe: This is the NapaVlly wnry of Enrico Bertoz & Letizia Pauletto. They hail from Friuli and make Friulian style of wines. One of my favorite producers. His Charbono from the ShyPokeVnyd is one of Calif's best.