Cat Fight! Asimov swipes at McIntyre

Posted by: BEB

Cat Fight! Asimov swipes at McIntyre - 06-16-2010 11:40:17

In his weekly column, The Pour, Asimov defends natural wine and natural winemaking from McIntyre's comment a few weeks back that "The minimalist approach of the natural-wine movement, taken to the extreme, can be an excuse for bad wine making."
Posted by: Eric_Anderson

Re: Cat Fight! Asimov swipes at McIntyre - 06-21-2010 16:26:53

This isn't unlike the BD controversy. I didn't read Dave's column, so it's tough to tell if he's merely trying to counter the current impetus of natural wine, or tilting at windmills, or just looking for recognition in the on-going battle of verbiage. Either way, the "healthy" discussion is both valid and useful to some, if an irritant to others. Maybe the outfall will be a greater recognition of EVERYTHING that goes into winemaking, and a reevaluation of current methods - whatever they may be.