NYTimes: Asimov on Blaufrankisch

Posted by: TomHill

NYTimes: Asimov on Blaufrankisch - 09-13-2011 23:37:27

Rather nice article by EricAsimov in today's NYTimes on Blaufrankisch wines:

I thought it was rather clever how he tied peoples reluctance to try Blaufrankisch to their fear of the dreaded umlat.

And he neglects to mention in passing WashState's sucess w/ Lemberger. But a good article anyway.

Posted by: BEB

Yes, Virginia, - 09-14-2011 12:06:10

. . . we grow Blaufrankisch also .... and yes, yours truly has followed the locally grown stuff right from the start. Unfortunately, the Oregon model of labeling it as Lemberger is followed. Why anyone would label a wine so that an uninformed consumer population would associate it with a much better known, but generally unloved cheese, is beyond me.

Thanks, Tom for the post and link. Another wonderful job by Asimov.