Neat/New UPS Service....

Posted by: TomHill

Neat/New UPS Service.... - 10-29-2018 10:43:51

I generally have nary a problem w/ my FedEx/UPS wine shipments, even though I'm not at home much of the day. My FedEx guy just flips upen my garage door, slips the boxes inside, scribbles down a sig, and off he goes. My UPS guy would just stack it on my front porch, scribble down a sig, and off he'd go. All worked just fine.

Alas, my UPS guy retired a few weeks ago. I've not been able to convince his new replacement to bend the rules & just drop it on my porch. So I've been having to hang out more at home when I have a UPS shipment incoming.

So, last week, on my UPS Quantuum View e-mail, I noticed the notice had changed and there was a "Follow My Delivery" button at the bottom. So I clicked on it and up popped a window in my browser that indicated the status of the delivery. On the day it was "Out For Delivery", it showed a GoogleMaps of WhiteRock w/ a house icon at my residence and a truck icon of the delivery vehicle, updated in real time.

So I could watch the route as he was doing his deliveries, as he drove into WhiteRock, ripped down the hwy behind my house and over into PajaritoAcres several miles away where he was dropping off packages. So I just got into my car, headed over to where the truck icon was indicated in PajaritoAcres, flagged him down has he drove down MontereyDrive S, and picked up my Arnot-Roberts package right there on the road. Kinda neat I thought.

So looks like a new UPS feature that makes my life a whole lot simpler. Beats a long drive to SantaFe to pickup a "hold at station". Since WhiteRock is a small/spread-out village, it works fine. Not sure how this'd work in a more urban environment, though.
Posted by: Everett Bandman

Re: Neat/New UPS Service.... - 10-29-2018 16:20:12

Yes, I noticed this too last week. Thats a good use of the app to, beats staying home all day.