750Daily: Origins of Zinfandel

Posted by: TomHill

750Daily: Origins of Zinfandel - 02-05-2019 08:21:48

As linked by WineTerroirist, a very interesting article by PeterWeltman in 750Daily on the Origins of Zinfandel:
750Daily:Origins of Zin

Much of it is stuff that most of us Zinfanatics already knew. And, of course, our very own CaroleMeredith plays the starring role in the article. I've heard rumors that in the exciting movie now being filmed "Origins of Zinfandel", that NM's very own Julia Roberts plays the featured role of CaroleMeredith. It will be exciting to hear how "Crljenak Kastelanski" rolls off of Julia's lips.

But there are a few new tidbits in the article:

1. Ridge as planted & grown at LyttonSprings and acre each of Crljenak Kastelanski and two Pribidrag cuttings. They will be releasing a Croatian Zinfandel blend later this year. They have also planted these Croatian Zins at their MonteBello Estate, presumably down on the Jimsomare part.

2. Pribidrag was the local name for the vines that DNA work indicated was the same as Zinfandel. The Croations and Carole have decided to return to the ancient name of Zinfandel..Tribidrag.

3. FPS's DeborahGolino cautions against the importation of "suitcase clones" as being unethical and asserts that, in most cases, they don't take well in Calif and usually end up being replanted.

4. Much of the Zinfandel/Tribidrag planted in Croatia is virus-infected, as was found in the plant material imported to FPS. This imported plant material has been cleaned up and
some of this virus-free material is now being returned to Croatia for replanting, a new twist never before done.

5. The article doesn't mention the attempt by the Macedonian growers to claim ownership of the origins of Zinfandel. This (presumably) specious claim has raised a few hackles over there in Croatia.

I understand that Peter's next article will focus on the ancient origins of the famed CaroleMeredith brownies.

Anyway, quite an interesting read, if a bit of a rehash.