GrapeCollective: Wurttemberg/JochenBeurer

Posted by: TomHill

GrapeCollective: Wurttemberg/JochenBeurer - 03-19-2019 07:02:36

As linked in WineTerroirist, there's a very interesting article in GrapeCollective:
about Jochen Beurer in SW Germany's Wurttemberg region and how he is almost single-handedly making a reputation for "Trolinger Country".

It's been yrs since I've had a wine from Wurttemberg. Anybody tried any of the Beurer wines? I would particularly like to try his Trollinger since I generally like the Schiavas from Sudtirol.

Anyway...a very interesting read.
Posted by: Marc Hanes

Re: GrapeCollective: Wurttemberg/JochenBeurer - 03-19-2019 17:24:39

Tom, have had these two and have tasted a few more at big events. I think a winemaker worth sampling. I intend to do so if I can.

Beurer, Weingut Jochen
Vividly resplendent yet pale watermelon color, just this side of too dark to be considered rosť, completely transparent, from a distance takes on a more saturated glow. Thereís a wet stony powder gluey character to the nose as well as brisk herbaceous bite, pressed flowers buttress the linear raspberry, red cherry scents, hint of lemon peel, just about everything here is sprinting as fast as possible. Light-bodied, very strong tannic and acidic backbone makes it much burlier than the basic body weight. The lemon to white grapefruit citrus more pronounced and sour here. The strawberry, raspberry, red cherry fruit borders on savory. The earthy and grassy qualities holds off until the end. At the same time, clamps down with authority at the end. (Screwcap)
88 points

Beurer, Weingut Jochen
Weiss Trocken
Nicely full gold color with a hint of orange rust at the rims, the pour leaves some bubbles clinging to the glass long after, more layered than truly glassy. Playfully crisp nose which avoids potential austerity, smoke, dried honey, tangerine pith, violets and then peach pits, pears and apples steadily unfold, while thereís a tautness to it, it likewise lifts without heaviness. In the mouth itís medium-bodied with sufficient acidity to impel it forward and keep the sweetness in check. Slight fizziness as expected, here more stone, stream water, and white grapefruit to lemon citrus nuances. Quick nod to pineapple before settling into green apple, apricot, pear fruit. Some snap pea at the end. Focused without losing enjoyability, can stand up to heavier dishes. Unspecified percentages of Muller-Thurgau, Kerner, Weissburgunder. (Screwcap)
89 points
Posted by: TomHill

Thanks... - 03-20-2019 05:04:26

Thanks for the TN's , Mark. I'm trying to track some down to try.