750Daily: The Next Great Thing: Mondeuse

Posted by: TomHill

750Daily: The Next Great Thing: Mondeuse - 06-12-2019 07:43:33

Interesting article in 750Daily, as linked by WineTerroirist, that Mondeuse is becoming the next big thing with all the hip somms (at least for this week):

It, of course, credits Carole & Steve for planting Mondeuse on MtVeeder and leading the revival in Calif, as credited by JaimieMotley. Which I would agree...the L-M Mondeuse is world-class...as good as it gets. It notes that Mondeuse was more common in Calif in te 1800's, though little/none of those old plantings exist. Actually, PieroAntinori & Dick Peterson planted it early on on AtlasPeak. But that was because they planted Refosco, which turned out to be mis-identified by FPS and was actually Mondeuse. Alas, Glenn Salvio pulled it some yrs ago, but the last crop, made by Trinchero for DarrellCorti, was classic Mondeuse, though a pretty rugged wine.
Posted by: Marc Hanes

Re: 750Daily: The Next Great Thing: Mondeuse - 06-12-2019 20:40:39

My general sense is that land prices in Napanoma and a few other regions do not support experimentation. Hence guys like Bryan H. running afield to find places where whimsy can be followed. Question will be which of the two geographies would be best suited for any given grape regardless of land prices.