CorkReport on BarboursvilleVnyds

Posted by: TomHill

CorkReport on BarboursvilleVnyds - 08-19-2019 08:03:30

As linked on WineTerroirist, there's a very inteesting article
by AaronMenenberg on BarboursvilleVnyds.

Mostly (alas) the focus is on the Barboursville Octogon CabFranc. But it did like the Barborsvilly Nebbiolo quite a lot. The few btls of it I've tried I've thought pretty good.

But a nice/interesting writeup on VA's 2'nd best wnry. We've had reports direct from the WhiteHouse which wnry is the best.
Posted by: Bob Davis

Re: CorkReport on BarboursvilleVnyds - 08-19-2019 19:00:52

We visited there a couple weeks ago. The Octagon was nice but not a %55 bottle. We bought a Barbara. They make about 15 or so wines. Most of them not very distinctive.

I would even consider them maybe a top 5 in the area, IMHO. they do pretty well with the Italian varietals though. The only ones in the area we liked.

We need to ho back and try the more in depth tasting. I thought the article was a bit over the top.
Posted by: Brad Harrington

Re: CorkReport on BarboursvilleVnyds - 08-19-2019 20:06:40

You can say that about a lot of wineries, nice enough but not at that price.
Posted by: BEB

Re: CorkReport on BarboursvilleVnyds - 08-20-2019 09:29:22

Tom, thanks for the link. I look forward to reading the article. I just spent several hours there Friday tasting through a number of wines and speaking with Luca Paschina. It was an awesome opportunity to discuss his changes to the vineyard, assess various vintages, and have him walk us through several wines. It's easy to see why Luca is considered to be an ambassador for the entire Virginia wine industry. The Nebbiolo was not our favorite - nothing wrong with it, but other red wines - to our minds - out performed it. We did like the Vermentino and Fiano quite a lot.
Posted by: BEB

Re: CorkReport on BarboursvilleVnyds - 08-20-2019 09:31:11

Bob, I hope you purchased more than one Barbera. I like to put those down for about 5 years and then enjoy them. They grow into some very pleasing wines after a bit of slumber.
Posted by: Bob Davis

Re: CorkReport on BarboursvilleVnyds - 08-20-2019 13:45:55

I'll have plenty of time to buy more. We want to go back for the Library tasting but it was not operating that day. Another problem was that we were sharing one tasting and the pours were pretty stingy.

There was nothing we disliked or found flawed. That's why we need to go back. But, at those prices I think I link King, Grace, and Veritas better. But those 3 all pretty much make the same wines.
Posted by: BEB

Re: CorkReport on BarboursvilleVnyds - 08-21-2019 04:11:33

You can find the Cab. Franc at Wegman's for about $17/btl, if you like the Cab. Franc. I've found the Octagon there at times for about $35/btl. I doubt Wegman's carries the Barbera.

Yes, the Library 1821 is the preferred experience.