Some Interesting Italian Wine Articles..

Posted by: TomHill

Some Interesting Italian Wine Articles.. - 02-20-2020 13:23:39

As linked in Wine Terroirist, some interesting articles on Italian wines:

is a RobertCamuto interview about a super Barolo vine that LucianoSandrone, called Talin, they have propagated & are now making a Talin wine. It gives a very intensely-colored Barolo. Thank god we can have a Barolo that plays well in Monktown and no more those wussy/wimpy pale-colored Barolos.

is a Forbes article on how Luca Corrado Vietti has fallen in love w/ Timorasso, found a vnyd, and is now making varietal Timorasso, from some top vnyds in the ColliTortonesi.

is a Vinous article by Ian d'Agata on wines of the AltoAdige. Nothing terrible profound, but rather interesting.

Posted by: fraser

Re: Some Interesting Italian Wine Articles.. - 02-24-2020 11:13:34

I thought the Talin article was interesting....I would love to try some.