InesSalpico: The Own-Rooted Wine Revival

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InesSalpico: The Own-Rooted Wine Revival - 10-19-2021 10:54:10

A rather interesting article in Pix by InesSalpico (who she?) on the search around the World for One-Rooted Vines:
Franc de Pied Vines .

One of the most interesting parts of the article is:
“Grafted vines produce wines with more body, more concentration of varietal flavors, but without a sense of place.”

For Amy Christine MW, winemaker in Santa Barbara, California, the assumption that ungrafted vines are the true vehicle of terroir is problematic. “This is somewhat unfair to winemakers in many regions, especially in the Old World, where viticulture would be impossible without grafting.”

This is something totally contradicted by everything we've been told by the "experts". We've been told that ungrafted vines are not filtered by the below-ground root-stock and are a purer expression of terroir. That's the folklore, anyway.

Has anybody tried Amy Christine & Peter Hunken's HolusBolus Sebastiano Franc de Pied Syrah?? And??

Anyway, a rather interesting article & a good/short read.
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Re: InesSalpico: The Own-Rooted Wine Revival - 10-20-2021 22:17:31

Hmmm, interesting concept.