TRINK: The Wines of Franconia

Posted by: TomHill

TRINK: The Wines of Franconia - 05-18-2022 11:15:45

Interesting article in TRINK (author not identified):
TRINK:Franconia Wines
about the growing interest in the German region of Franconia.

They characterize it as Germany's most underrated which I would agree. They identify Silvaner as one of the great wines from which I would also agree.

I almost never see any wines from Franconia....but when I do I buy them. One of the problems is that many Franconia wines are bttld in the Bocksbeutel (which I like that it's named after a ram's scrotum). For those folks who bitch about fitting the Turley or SQN btls in their wine racks, wait'll you try to shelve a Bocksbeutel!! interesting article & I wish we would see more Franconia wines in the USofA.