WS: RobertCamuto on SantaBarbara Nebbiolo

Posted by: TomHill

WS: RobertCamuto on SantaBarbara Nebbiolo - 06-01-2022 10:35:12

Interesting article by RobertCamuto in the WS on SantaBarbara Nebbiolo:
WS:SantaBarbara Nebb

that focuses on the Nebbs of LouisLucas/Toccata and SteveClifton/Palmina. Both of them make really good Calif Nebbs that have shown well at our NEB events, particularly the Palmina.
The Toccata Nebs are on the lighter side (as befits Nebbiolo), but are also well-made. Louis also makes a Freisa that was planted in the JoeCarrari vnyd that is quite attractive.

The glaring omission is, of course, the Nebbs of JimClendenen, who was the pioneer of Nebb in SBCnty. His are probably the best Nebbs made in Calif, after EmilioCastelli's. He also neglects to mention the Nebbs that SashiMoorman made at Stolpman and AlisonThomson at LaPiane.

But despite those omissions, it's an interesting read.