2008 Tedeschi, Amarone "Monte Olmi".

Posted by: Dave Cuneo

2008 Tedeschi, Amarone "Monte Olmi". - 01-16-2019 09:59:54


Tedeschi, Amarone Classico, cru "Monte Olmi".

This bottle retails around $100 or so, luckily I paid cost ($66). smile Had this with a good friend of mine who I turned into an Amarone nut years ago. smile With chicken parmigiana and scalloped potatoes. This is the first time I have had this wine since the memorable 1998 "Monte Olmi". It booms right out of the bottle, with classic Veneto spice, amarena cherries, some earth, some raisin character, fresh and seems still young. Full bodied, rich and long, with fine acidity. The intensity of the spice makes it seem almost sweet. The next night, however, it was all bitter chocolate (meant as a positive) and espresso coffee, what a change. Held up well for nights three and four.

Although I read lots of TNs where people cite chocolate and coffee, it is rare for me to find them as well, so I was surprised they both were such strong impressions for me in this wine. The wine is excellent and worth a splurge. Grade: solid A.
Posted by: fraser

Re: 2008 Tedeschi, Amarone "Monte Olmi". - 01-18-2019 12:15:14

I want to compliment you on this tasting note - reading it I can practically see myself drinking this wine. Makes me want to have an Amarone again - been so long since I've had one - probably the last one is from CJ.