TN: Barale Barbaresco Riserva 1999

Posted by: fraser

TN: Barale Barbaresco Riserva 1999 - 03-05-2020 14:05:23

Barale Barbaresco Riserva 1999 (Sergio or Fratelli? Not sure as I do not have the bottle in front of me and I see both designations on and off)

I was really surprised this didn't show better. I have had 3 wonderful bottles of Barb from Barale but this wasn't it. As the 1995 Classico drank like a Riserva, I was excited to drink this. Tasted more like a Langhe nebbiolo. There is a little bit of depth and serious wine around the edges but nothing front and center. Not deep nor rich nor concentrated nor flavorful. I have one more so we'll see. Drank with with my 1999 born daughter - she had a nasty cold and didn't seem particularly interested but fun she is old enough to do this.

I'm guessing this wine is from the Serraboella vineyard. There seems to be a gap between his Rabaja (late '80's and early '90's) and the Serraboella (00's?) filled by non vineyard designated Barbaresco (which are hard to find).