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#336596 - 01-06-2008 21:35:25 Ah-So Cork Remover???
TomHill Offline
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Registered: 02-15-2004 17:42:19
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Last week I just totally mangled my Ah-So of 35 yrs working over an Italian wine, so now am in the process of replacing it.
Curious...anyone know where the name came from??

#336599 - 01-06-2008 21:58:11 Re: Ah-So Cork Remover??? [Re: TomHill]
M. M c C a l l Offline

Registered: 06-19-2005 21:07:04
Posts: 1462
According to Wikipedia, It is named so because its appearance often baffles people, but when its use is demonstrated, they often exclaim "Ah! So that's how it works". There's no reference though, so take it with a grain of fleur de sel.

#336602 - 01-06-2008 22:31:53 Re: Ah-So Cork Remover??? [Re: M. M c C a l l]
Roland Dumas Offline

Registered: 11-19-2003 08:00:00
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Loc: Napa, CA

....or a salt lick

I first saw and purchased one at the Mondavi winery in ... 1971 and they actually told that story then.

#336603 - 01-06-2008 23:18:34 Re: Ah-So Cork Remover??? [Re: Roland Dumas]
Steve Edmunds Offline

Registered: 02-18-2004 16:44:33
Posts: 631
Loc: Berkeley, CA
I was a tour guide at Mondavi from Fall of '76 to Fall of '77, and I can't believe how we sold those things! But, Tom--many Italian bottles, esp Chiantis, seem to have really narrow necks, and they are DEATH to Ah-So!s.
Don't know why a man can't make his way through this life, without diggin himself into a hole; don't know why I can't give these blues away, to save my soul...

#336604 - 01-06-2008 23:26:10 Re: Ah-So Cork Remover??? [Re: TomHill]
Michael Alberty Offline

Registered: 12-29-2001 08:00:00
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Loc: Portland, OR
Patented in 1879 by two engineering partners, one based in Germany, one in China. Schocken Ah and So Wat.

#336611 - 01-07-2008 05:29:07 Ah-so story [Re: TomHill]
Bob Summers Offline

Registered: 03-12-2001 08:00:00
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I've had mine for about as long. Great for old corks. Airport security tried to take it away from me. I told them it was harmless and asked them to get a supervisor. I asked if my ball point pen was ok. He said yes. I slammed the Ah-so with its wobbly curved tipped tines into my palm a couple of times and invited him to do the same to his palm with my ball point pen. He wasn't at all pleased with the proposition, so I had to check my carry on and almost missed my flight. I don't travel with it anymore.

#336615 - 01-07-2008 14:29:57 An Ah-so virgin [Re: TomHill]
JFO Offline
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Don't own one. Only time I ever tried it, I ended up pushing the cork into the bottle. I figured Phuket, and got my waiters friend.
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#336621 - 01-07-2008 14:59:26 Re: Ah-So Cork Remover??? [Re: TomHill]
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Crazed Wino

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Another version of it's origin can be found here, but it, like Wikapedia, is unattributed. Allegedly, the name for "The ah-so (called by this name because itís just ah ó so easy to do) ...." According to another site, an American patent on it dates from the late 1800s.

Oddly enough, it was one of my first ways of accessing contraband when I was a tad under age. It was the only cork removing device we had in the house of my youth. My parents purchased it as a novelty when in wine country many moons ago. I made good use of it, unbeknownst to them. Due to their retroactive grace, I still have it to this day.

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#336692 - 01-09-2008 02:15:29 Re: Ah-So Cork Remover??? [Re: Michael Alberty]
Drew Spaulding Offline

Registered: 08-24-2003 07:00:00
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Loc: Outer Qwghlm
So Wat sounds more Thai to me,
but I'm sure you have your facts straight!
[shock!] \:D [awe!]

I do not like the Cone of Shame!


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