I'm slowly working my way through Todd's 07 releases, and this is my second pinot from him, and I'm already a convert. Such expressive, delicate, thoughtful, and elegant wines. I can't wait to see how this project develops. (Nor can I wait to get to the two more pinots and the syrah I haven't tried yet.) We had this with a sage/thyme roasted chicken and white beans with leeks and kale - couldn't ask for a nicer match.

2007 Biggio Hamina Cellars Pinot Noir Ana Vineyard - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Dundee Hills
Similar to the previous bottle, this also shows crystal clear cranberry, shaded with just a hint of orange. It's delicate on the nose, but not shy in any way. Cran-straw-raspberry, along with high toned floral notes, fresh cut hay and lifted mint, all in the upper register. Subtle hints of a little earthy/peat-y undercarriage, but hard to resolve in the face of all the brightness. Given the pale color, and lifted nose, it's lovely to taste that same red fruit, but with a little more dimension and moderate weight. There's a little tart orange creeping in here, and a bit of that feral quality that I'm beginning to associate with whole cluster fermentation - perhaps that's at work here? The package is well put together with clean acidity and enough tannin to hold things together without getting in the way. Nicely long on the finish, adding cherries (?!), a touch of vanilla, and a distinct retro-nasal peaty-ness that is very interesting.

I said it on the first bottle and I'll quote it here again, because it's so apt (and I can't be that creative twice!), "...neither CA nor Burgundy, but lovely for those who would prefer to listen to their wine, rather than be yelled at."


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