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#353961 - 07-09-2009 17:31:36 Interesting and Disturbing Article on Sonoma County Grapes i
SiduriWines Offline

Registered: 03-09-2004 16:06:30
Posts: 96
Loc: Santa Rosa, CA
Adam Lee
Siduri Wines

#353962 - 07-09-2009 18:21:35 Re: Interesting and Disturbing Article on Sonoma County Grapes i [Re: SiduriWines]
Curt Wood Offline

Registered: 03-12-2001 08:00:00
Posts: 324
Loc: Maryland
Read the article earlier today and it seems to continue to confirm a downturn in wine sales at all levels. Yesterday's Washington Post had an article on the U.S. owner and winemaker of Domaine Dublere in Burgundy and his problems with a shrinking market for his wines. According to the article the Burgundy Wine Board said there was an almost 30% drop in exports from there (mainly to the U.S. and UK)for the last quarter of 2008. As a consumer I applaud any price decrease of any product. However deep down I know that such things can, over a long period of time, be bad for both the consumer and producer.

#353963 - 07-09-2009 19:05:00 Re: Interesting and Disturbing Article on Sonoma County Grapes i [Re: SiduriWines]
Bob Davis Offline

Registered: 12-13-2000 08:00:00
Posts: 4732
Loc: Steeler Nation
Assuming the grapes are good quality is is better to get them at a discount, make a less expensive wine and (hopefully) sell it all at a profit. Or not to make the wine at all?

As I've seen in this area and read elsewhere, wines less than $20 seem to be selling OK. Or, given the price of doing business in California, is it just not worth it unless you're making tens of thousands of cases?

#353965 - 07-09-2009 20:25:41 Re: Interesting and Disturbing Article on Sonoma County Grapes i [Re: SiduriWines]
Clyde Underwood Offline

Registered: 09-24-2005 02:49:52
Posts: 65
Loc: Santa Rosa, CA
Here's the link to the "grapes offered" on the Sonoma County Wine Grape Commission web site:


#353966 - 07-09-2009 20:35:32 Re: Interesting and Disturbing Article on Sonoma County Grapes i [Re: SiduriWines]
Casey Hartlip Offline

Registered: 02-15-2004 19:48:43
Posts: 1224
Loc: Mendocino County
This isn't news to many of us ITB. Its darn scary out there in the big world.

Anyone need some nice mountain Syrah, Grenache, Petite, Zin?
"Behind every bottle of wine there's someone driving a tractor"

#353970 - 07-10-2009 07:50:12 Re: Interesting and Disturbing Article on Sonoma County Grap [Re: Casey Hartlip]
Sean_Devaney Offline

Registered: 09-10-2005 19:46:35
Posts: 444
Loc: Silicon Valley
I know I have been able to "tighten my belt" but how much room does a winegrower have to tighten their belts with out the quality of the grapes suffering confused Just guessing but I imagine that the growers have the least flexability of everyone in the chain.

#353975 - 07-10-2009 16:15:59 Re: Interesting and Disturbing Article on Sonoma County Grap [Re: Sean_Devaney]
larry schaffer Offline

Registered: 12-16-2007 22:56:17
Posts: 218
There are things grape growers can do to cut costs . .. to some extent. But oftentimes quality will suffer . . . It's a real catch 22 situation - you need to provide the best grapes possible, but folks just aren't in the market to purchase now - even with some great grapes available from nationally recognized vineyards (Casey - I'm hopeful you will be able to sell all of yours eventually).

That said, there are still some varieties that are very sought after and continue to command top dollar down in Santa Barbara County . . . but I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens over the next two months . . .

One thing not mentioned here is that I believe many wineries are not doing well at all and trying to do whatever they can pre harvest to raise enough capital to make it worthwhile to purchase grapes . . . I can foresee many grape bills being unpaid in early 2010 if things don't turn around - which will in turn cause even more problems moving forward . . .

The answer - BUY MORE WINE!!!!!


#353981 - 07-10-2009 18:06:10 Re: Interesting and Disturbing Article on Sonoma County Grapes i [Re: Clyde Underwood]
Larry Jones Offline

Registered: 02-21-2007 21:56:14
Posts: 10
Loc: Sunnyvale, CA
Looking at the grapes on offer, it appears that Pinot is available in the greatest abundance. Maybe this is just a "Pinot Bubble" which is bursting in Sonoma?


#353983 - 07-10-2009 18:15:47 wonder if this means deals for home winemakers...(e) [Re: SiduriWines]
Bryan Gros Offline

Registered: 03-28-2001 08:00:00
Posts: 1341
Loc: Oakland,CA


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