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#372249 - 02-15-2012 03:36:01 TN: Bonarda Explosion
fraser Offline

Registered: 02-25-2004 00:27:03
Posts: 779
Loc: Seattle

So I bought some more/different Bonarda from Oltrepo Pavese (Lombardy) because I am enchanted with the Cabanon one.

We were having lasagna so I brought up the Bonarda and opened it to decant it. The cork came out with a kick and I was staring down into some white mist in the neck. Over fermented and gone bad? I looked at the cork which was sparkling wine style and had a sip. Ah, Bonarda frizzante! Cool, recork and put in in the fridge while dinner cooks. Later upstairs, there is the slightest dull boom. Dinner is on the table so let's get the wine. Open the fridge and EVERYTHING in the fridge is covered in wine. Every condiment on the door, every surface, every jug of milk, etc, big pools on the floor and at the bottom of the vegetable drawers. The cork had not been put on tightly and it was on its side. Later. We had 1/3 of a glass left apiece to drink with dinner. It was a remarkably dull wine. Maybe it would have been better in the middle of the summer but I rank this down pretty low. No mention anywhere on the label that it was frizzante. Castello di Luzzano (Giovannella Fugazza) DOC. Avoid. After dinner, my wife and I worked together for I don't know how long to clean it up. Luckily we had some Bisceglia Terra Di Volcano Vulture to compensate. My wife said, "Now this is what I was looking for!"

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#372252 - 02-15-2012 13:35:21 Re: TN: Bonarda Explosion [Re: fraser]
JFO Offline
Elvis Has Entered the Building!

Registered: 12-13-2000 08:00:00
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Loc: America - Free and Proud!
Can you google to see if it was supposed to be frizzante or if it was a flaw? Since the cork was Champagne styled, it seems like the former.

I would suspect that any wine made from grapes that would ordinarily be destined for still wine, is a bad bet. Especially when it's from a region that's not known for it - as opposed to Champagne.


PS - the other night I had a mishap where I smashed a bottle of 2006 Stella di Campalto Brunello on a granite countertop. That hurt.
Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants, and slide on the ice.

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#372254 - 02-15-2012 16:25:35 Re: TN: Bonarda Explosion [Re: fraser]
egil Offline

Registered: 02-18-2004 09:31:13
Posts: 134
Loc: Oslo
Was it this one?:

Luzzano Bonarda
arnt egil

#372263 - 02-15-2012 22:14:23 Re: TN: Bonarda Explosion [Re: egil]
fraser Offline

Registered: 02-25-2004 00:27:03
Posts: 779
Loc: Seattle
Exactly the one. And did I mention it was $19.00 which was about 100% too much.

www.reverbnation.com/fraserhavens (new!)

#372264 - 02-15-2012 22:23:12 Re: TN: Bonarda Explosion [Re: JFO]
fraser Offline

Registered: 02-25-2004 00:27:03
Posts: 779
Loc: Seattle
Following Egil's link to the winery website, it does mention that the wine is frizzante. They produce another Bonarda that isn't. It's interesting to me that they don't label as such.

Of the two wineries that I've tried Lombardy Bonarda from, both offer still and frizzante Bonardas. So it may be a bad bet and they may not be well known for it here, but I suspect frizzante Bonarda has a history, tradition and a following there.

The Cabanon frizzante Bonarda was much better, about the same price and it wasn't labeled as frizzante either.

So you smashed the 98 pointer Brunello you just posted on? I bet your response wasn't printable. Wow, sounds like an expensive loss. You had another I take it? I knew there was a reason we haven't remodeled our kitchen and upgraded to granite!

www.reverbnation.com/fraserhavens (new!)


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