Our peas are starting to come in so whipped up a batch of this very nice springy meal.

Melt some butter and olive oil over high heat till sizzling. Add a lb. of cubed veal and aggressively brown one side of the cubes.

Add 2 sprigs of tarragon and 4 shallots that have been peeled and quartered(I was lucking enough to have some spring onion bulbs), and salt and pepper. Cook, stirring occasionally, till onions soften.

Deglaze pan with white wine(I used an Alma Rosa Pinot Blanc which worked really well) making sure to scrape up any brown bits. Add 1/2 C. chicken stock, stir, cover, and reduce heat to low for 10-15 minutes till veal is cooked through.

Add peas and raise heat a little(I added some asparagus also) and cook till done. Adjust seasoning and garnish with fresh basil.

As mentioned this was very good with the pinot blanc. A dry gwtz or riesling might work as well.