1. 2016 Curvos, Vinho Verde Superiore, $10.99. A touch higher quality than the typical entry level VV, this wine is not quite as "petillant" (fizzy) as those, but has a beautiful lemon tart nose, and light body, very crisp and clean and refreshing in this summer heat. Grade: B+/A-.

2. Santa Cristina, Vinho Verde and Vinho Verde Rose. NV. $8.99 and $9.99. Both very tasty and good examples of entry level VV. Light fizz, citrus notes, light bodied, crisp, again, perfect summer sippers. Grade: solid B/B+.

3. 2017 Ch. Doujon Minervois Rose. $9.99. Acceptable if slightly mundane Rose, not much exciting happening here, but drinkable. Grade: B.

4. 2016 Ch. Le Cirque Rose. $7.99. Close-out wine due to being last year's vintage. From Catalanes, France. Like the one above, drinkable but nothing exciting here to make me want to buy it again. Grade: B.

5. 2017 Fantini Rose, "Cerasuolo", $10.99. From Montepulciano grapes (Abruzzo), cerasuolo is dialect for cherry. This was delicious and had the intensity of flavor to above mentioned Roses lacked. Spicy red cherry to go along with the citrus fruit, excellent acidity, just a lot of fun to drink. Grade: B+/A-.

6. 2017 Rawson's Retreat, Chardonnay, $4.99. A real humdinger of a value in everyday wine, I really like this one. Apple, melon and pear notes, medium bodied and NO apparent oak (at least to my oak sensitive palate). I am buying this one every week for the summer. Grade: solid B and high QPR.

Some other low priced but good value wines I have had since my last notes are the 2017 Rawson's Retreat Shiraz/Cabernet blend ($4.99), the 2016 Rosemount Shiraz and their Shiraz/Cab blend ($4.99) and the Concha y Toro 2017 Sauvignon Blanc "Frontera" and Chardonnay "Frontera", both in 1.5L bottles for $7.99.

Anyone see my boy from Piedmont, Italy, Francesco Molinari, take the British Open last weekend? smile

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