Alchemist, The
Holy Cow American India Pale Ale
American IPA
16oz, 4-Pack
Close to three finger head, great density with a very slow dissolve, dimpling some along the way, just off white hue, the lacing is like little tufts of clouds stuck here and there. Hazy liquid, zinc orange darkens the basic gold color, up close you see there's a lot of fine particulate in the glass, good amount of bubbles but no rhyme nor reason to where they rest in the glass. Angular nose of orange pith, pine cones, cracker, bread crusts and white pepper, not grassy in a clean and obvious way, toasted cocoa powder and malts, turns somewhat tarry at the end inhibiting the final blossoming of peach, apricot, yellow apple to green melon fruit scents. Medium-bodied, the carbonation comes off as short and thus it's marked most by density and immobility. Dry and tacky mouth feel, not much going on to relieve the constant bitterness. Tart lemon to mandarin orange citrus, pine tar, more earthy and metallic than herbaceous although there's something vaguely vegetal going on. Here too modicum of white pit fruit, pear and apple. No appreciable change as it warms. The intensity of the dryness will appeal to some but not doing it for this imbiber.
3 out of 5