Alchemist, The
Focal Banger India Pale Ale
American IPA
16oz, 4-Pack
Two fingers of just off-white foam, decent density and an even surface, retention a bit above average, lacing starts off with broad splotches, however, there's not much stick to it. Full haze to the yellow hued liquid, light enough that it remains somewhat transparent, good amount of tiny bubbles but no beads. Grassy, peppery nose, the white grapefruit juicy but still adds to the direct, erect posture, softened around the edges by cocoa and malted milk ball notes, gets danker as it warms which blots out some of the ripe pineapple, mango, peach fruit scents, overall the herbaceousness is dominant. Medium-bodied, the carbonation active from the first sip and helps extend palate coverage to completion. Tangerine, pink grapefruit prominent, turning to more sour white grapefruit through the finish. Tar, resin, damp herbal matter anchor it, pine deepens towards the end. Leaves a bitter, tacky residue behind. More doughy than malty per se. The fruit flavors lack clarity, a mixture of peach, apricot, papaya and other tropical fruits, neither too sweet nor tart. Its thickness slowly wears you down, two cans in one sitting might be the limit.
4 out of 5