As I was drinking the Foxen OV CheninBlanc last night, it occurred to me that I have no idea what "old vines" tastes like in white wines.

In tasting OV reds (Zins/mixed blacks), like from Ridge/Carlisle/Bedrock/etc, over the yrs; I (think) I can often taste what I think to be an OV character in those wines...a sorta "dusty" character that I associate with OV's. Could be I'm just fooling myself, though. In some Zins/mixed blacks that I know to be from OV, sometimes I cannot pick up much/any OV character, depending on how the wine was made. OV character in Pinot/Cab/Merlot/Syrah/Mourvedre?? Forget about that...can't identify any OV character in those, not even ContraCosta Mataro. Perhaps my data base is simply not large enough for OV's in those varieties.

So...for all those folks here-abouts w/ more experience in wine than me...can you identify or describe any unique character you pick up in tasting OV whites?? Surely MikeDildine has a definitive answer on this one?

Tom (throwing out today's esoteric/thought-provoking question)

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