A brilliant article in the BusinessInsider by LucasColl on the best wine aerators:
WineAerators ,
in which we learn how to get the best flavors out of our wine and his description of aeration
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This happens when some of the less pleasant wine components (think acids and ethanol), which evaporate more quickly than the good stuff, are "bled off" by aeration, and the nicer flavors and aromas are left behind for you to enjoy.

Guess I'm not exactly sure what the "good stuff" in wine is, but delighted to find out that acids and alcohol are bad stuff and can be aerated off.
Anyway, an absolutely fascinating read & I'm off to buy some of these devices for myself so's I can finally drink some wines with "good stuff" in them.
Lucas mostly writes about computer stuff, but I'm mightly impressed by his wine expertise.
You can, of course, forgive him for his lack of citations of studies showing the efficacy of wine aerators.
He also apprises us of other "best" wine items that you must also have. An invaluable article this is.
As linked in the WineTerroirist.