Aeronaut Brewing Co.
4 Years With Dr. Nandu Double India Pale Ale
New England IPA
16oz, 4-Pack
Little more than a finger of white foam, moderate density, fades swiftly to a solid surface dusting, the lacing nice and sticky, more sheets than streaks. Beer doesn't get cloudier than this, yellowish orange, completely opaque with no visible carbonation. Herbaceous nose but clean without much dankness, peppery with tropical guava, mango, kiwi fruit scents and bright tangerine spritz, there's something like wood smoke or matchstick going on, almost close to Genoa salami. Full-bodied, here you get a big dose of cocoa and cereal grains, smooth malty underpinning. The citrus grows in stature, sweet and juicy, tangerine, tangelo to lime. Nothing truly bitter nor dank to disturb the creaminess, the carbonation relatively weak given its thickness. If there's pineapple, it's way overripe, much more mango, peach, apricot to apple. Gentle pine notes, just way too juicy to provide space to drier accents. Drinkability is high given the ABV, only issue would be the heaviness. Arguably simple but very satisfying and vividly flavorful.
4 out of 5