Customer relations, that is.

TablasCreek has always been one of the best when it comes to customer relations. They always used to send out a Christmas gift to their club members in appreciation of their continued participation. But for the last few yrs, that gift has slid further into the next year. But the timeliness is not important, it's the thought that counts.
So..yesterday I got this small package in the mail from TCV. Great...Christmas in February. My hands trembled as I opened the box. Inside was a set of thick cards, a calendar, with two months worth on each side. With some beautiful drawings of the vine at the appropriate stage of growth for that month. And a sequential history of TCV going way back to 1549 (I, of course, have a TN on that very first vintage, on my cuneiform tablet).
This tablet calendar has a hand-crafted block of wood from a stave of a used barrel with a slot to hold the calendar. It has a beautiful smell of Fr.oak. I licked the wine-side of this stave/block and determined that it had held the '03/'06/'10/'13 vintages of Esprit de Tablas Rouge. TN will follow.

It's quite a unique/creative/thoughtful gift from TCV. If the slot was a bit wider, I could also use it to hold my iPhone.

As usual, when it comes to good customer relations...TCV nails it.