Alfonso Cevola laments to lack of Erbaluce in this country:

My experience w/ dry Erbaluces has been mixed. Many are rather lean & hard & stony. They don't always have the perfume you can find in Timorasso or Arneis. But they have their place at table and can be a good change of pace.
He scolds the 3-teir system for the absence of Erbaluce availibility. And is, of course, right.
There used to be (now dead) a Dr.??? that made a Caluso di Passito from Erbaluce that was terrific. Forst introduced to him by DarrellCorti. Darrel served a 30-yr version at one of our NEB gatherings and it was stunning.
Clearly, Erbaluce is a grape they should be planting all up&down the Coast of Calif.