A rather interesting article by ChristopherBarnes in GrapeCollective:

Mostly it's an interview w/ MartinGruzovin of the VipavskaVlly/GuerilaWnry.

He talks a lot about renewed interested in Zelen & Pinela grapes. The VipavskaVlly is, to my estimate, a bit of an undercheiving area. I think it has the potential to be one of the finest growing regions in Slovenia, and some of the wines are very fine. But a lot are sort of quotidian.
He talks about the controversary over the use of the Teran name. In Italy, Teran/Terrano is regarded as a grape variety, a member of the Refosco family. The Slovenians went to ECM and got a ruling that Teran can only refer to Refosco grown on the red soils of the Kras/Carso plateau. This upset a lot of folks in Italy/Carso and in Croatia. There is apparently some evidence that the Teran variety originated in Croatia. Apparently, they've relaxed that ruling and Friuli/Carso and Croatia can now use, nce again, Teran as a grape name.

I'm not familiar w/ Martin's Guerila wines.

Anyway, an interesting article on a region I like quite a lot.