Harrington Wines
Napa Valley, California
Iund Vineyard
Pinot Noir
The filminess adds translucency to it, washed out rust red core slowly fading to more orange and yellow at the rims, looks older for sure. Cleansing nose, spicy with damp underbrush tones but not funky nor unclean, mentholated lift, clipped red berry fruit scents, maybe at times damp leather, whatever is there, itís damp. Full-bodied and fleshy, not an abundance of acidity but that flesh isnít flabby. Here the cherry, blackberry fruit is both candied and juicy and has no problem cruising to the finish line. Cedar, spiced orange peel, camphor add to the mature character. Licorice and anise then a very mild veer toward metallic through the finish. Maybe just a bit past peak as the finish does lack freshness, yet itís a mighty fine drop.
90 points